The Most Advanced Gym Towel in the World

A 2-in-1, Swiss-knife design gym towel that converts into a bag. It’s really the best gym accessory you could have

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299 ZAR

the all new

Advanced 2 in 1 Hooded Swimming Towel

Hit the water with ease with the most advanced Swimming Towel in the world. Wear it, bag it – we think it’ll float your boat.

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379 ZAR

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It’s Time For An Upgrade, Here’s Why.

workout towel hanging

Workout Towel & Bag In One

No, seriously – the Advanced Workout Towel Converts into a Bag. It’s that simple!

Why carry 20 things to the gym when you can carry one, that can carry everything that you need?

Oh So Convenient

We’ve designed the Advanced Workout Towel Range with you in mind ♥

Everything to make your workouts as convenient as possible, in one (not so) simple towel.

Elastic bench straps keep your towel glued to the bench and a hanging zip pouch keeps your valuables always with you but out of the way of your workouts

Water & Germ Resistant Towel

Keep other’s nasty sweat off your towel. We all know someone that doesn’t wipe the bench, we’re looking at you Jarrod.

The water & germ resistant towel backing creates a barrier between you and your workout environment so that you can train with ease of mind, even if Jarrod was working out before you.


Soulo Advanced 2 in 1 Gym Towel
Advanced Gym Towel

2-in-1 Gym Towel

Just what I wanted!

If you want a small gym bag.. for your water bottle, car keys, sunglasses and a bit of cash – and on top of that you want a small towel – then look no further! PS: It fits sweetly over your shoulders like a rucksack. Got a pink one for wifey and sexy blue for myself….. saved our marriage!

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Personalize Your Hooded 2 in 1 Advanced Swimming Towel

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