Advanced Hooded 2 in 1 Swimming Towel – Light Blue / Royal Blue

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Hit the water with ease with the most advanced swimming towel in the world.

  • Streamline your workouts/trips to the beach: Forget that dreadful preparation to hit the water. The Advanced Soulo Swimming Towel conveniently converts into a carry bagbig enough to store everything you need but also compact – unlike conventional, bulky bags.
  • Sand, water, germs? Forget about it: Keep germs, sand and water from getting into your towel. New double-layer technology – microfibre towel on one side and Germ, Sand & Water Resistant Backing on the other creates a barrier between you and your environment.
  • Use it, wear it, bag it: Break your previous records (no big deal), dry yourself off, throw the hoodie on and wrap yourself in the towel. Perfection. Once you’re done, convert your towel into a bag and head home like the champ that you are.
  • Super fast drying & absorbent: Soft microfibre towel dries up to three times faster than cotton towels and absorbs up to five times its weight in water (or sweat)
  • Keep your wet gear separate from the rest: Compartments inside the bag allow you keep wet/dirty workout gear separate from everything else in the bag. (Approx. 60 x 60cm)

Dimensions – Towel (Approx.)

W60 x L120cm (excl. hood)

Locally Sourced, Locally Produced in SA

In stock